Organotechnical SA announces the creation of Business Diagnostic Centre (BDC).

The creation of the Centre is based on the idea that all enterprises, regardless of their size or field of operation, have room for improvement which often are not identified by the entrepreneurs. In an era of intense competition and uncertainty, the need for flexibility, transformation and improvement of the business operation is constant and evident.

Aim of the BDC is to identify the weaknesses and the opportunities for improvement in the businesses’ operations and, following, their support in corrective actions that significantly increase their competitiveness and effectiveness. The moto that best describes the ambitions of the Centre is “Improving the Present – Designing the future”

The Business Diagnostic Centre is comprised of specialised staff with long experience in diagnosing and improving the management of businesses, with determining contribution to the strengthening of their competitive advantage, their establishment in the market and their further development.

By giving the option of distant collaboration (via web meetings), the Business support Centre addresses to every SME, regardless of their geographical area.

Organotechnical SA asks any interested business to contact the Centre in order to arrange a introductory meeting without any further commitment. (Tel. +30.251.0228081, email: info@organotechnical.gr)

Kavala – Greece, Oct 22