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Since 2000, Organotechnical SA operates according to the ISO 9001:2008 Quality system certified by the internationally top organization Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance. The application field of the certificate is: Provision of Consulting Services, Feasibility Studies, Studies in the framework of Investment, National and European programmes, Informatics Applications, Development of Quality Systems and Business Planning  

In March 2002, Organotechnical SA was awarded the “COMMITTED TO EXCELLENCE” recognition by the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM)

The company is included in the official consultant register of EOMMEX (No A/3) since 1996 and in 1998 it was certified and included in the Thematic Consultants Register (No MΣ-0089) in the framework of the programme “Development of Female Employment and Enterpreneurship”


Quality policy comprises the cornerstone of Organotechnical SA and it is described in the Quality Compendium consists of the following

1.      Introduction of aims and close monitoring of them through the management reviews

2.      Constant enhancement of the operation quality of the business as well as of the provided products and services through the existence of the necessary facilities and equipment in all the company’s departments

3.      Preservation and enhancement of the good working environment, the effective communication and relations among the employees and the cooperators

4.      Satisfaction of the customers’ needs

5.      Compliance of the products produced or sold by Organotechnical SA with the applied legislation, the directives of the rules and the customers’ demands


The aim of the company, through the implementation of a quality system, is the creation of the appropriate economical, technical and organizational environment which will add value in the competitiveness of Organotechnical SA and the development of regional economy.